Silagra 50/100mg no prescription

silagra user reviews Viagra generic is the preparation made according to the formula of the original Viagra. It contains the same active ingredient – sildenafil citrate. The difference between generics and the original medication is the difference between manufacturers and pricing models. Originals drugs are the products of the company that developed the formula, and analogues are the drugs produced by any other company. The better established itself manufacturer in the global pharmaceutical market, the greater the confidence that you will receive an effective and safe drug analogue. So before you buy generic Viagra, pay attention to the manufacturer. Prices for up to several times lower than the originals. Of course, analogs are made according to already developed and tested formula, and their production cost is much lower.

Silagra – sildenafil from Cipla

Since the efficacy and safety of drugs depends on the reliability of the company that produces it, it is sufficient to say that Silagra 100 mg 4 Tablets/pack is produced by an Indian company Cipla. A range of products under this brand is trusted in 180 countries around the world (including Europe and America).

Silagra 100 mg – erectile dysfunction treatment

Silagra 100 mg represents a new generation of ED drugs; this is an improved version of the original Viagra. Cipla conducted additional studies and took into account some of the shortcomings of the original formula and introduced several enhancements. As a result, the company released a better drug, which offers spectacular results, more secure, with a somewhat shorter list of contraindications and more rare manifestation of side effects.

The active ingredient is sildenafil citrate with the quantity per tablet of 100 mg – the maximum allowed daily dose. Generally, it is recommended to start with a lower dose, so you can split the tablet into several parts. The effectiveness of the drug is distributed to all the reasons of erectile dysfunction, namely: psychological, somatic and psychosomatic. It eliminates even the most protracted and severe disorders. In addition to improving the quality and duration of erection, under the influence of Silagra 100 mg genitals become more sensitive, while feelings during intimate caresses and orgasm are more intense and deep. Even if you have a normal erection, but really looking to enjoy more vivid sensations, you should certainly purchase generic Silagra and give it a try.

The onset of action is observed within 40-50 minutes. Take into account that it also depends on the characteristics of your body: the weight, the amount of food consumed, metabolism and some other aspects. The time of effect is estimated at 4-5 hours. You will enjoy a sexual act and way less time to get ready for the next sexual intercourse. The optimal dose of the drug is determined by a physician. Although the most commonly used dose is 100 mg, so you may want to order Silagra in 100mg pack pills.


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