Silagra 50/100mg no prescription

How to use Silagra 100mg

How to use Silagra 100mg Before you decide to buy generic Viagra, you must do two things: consult a doctor and get acquainted in detail with the instructions on the use of medicines. The doctor will determine the condition of your body and say whether you can use the drug. Guide will give you all the necessary information about its correct application. The following are the main points, a more detailed description can be found here.

Sildenafil 100mg – dosage and administration

As mentioned above, the tablet contains the maximum dose of sildenafil. To decrease detach the tablet apart. A smaller dose is required starts receiving, the elderly, those who use the facility only for new sensations and has no violations or has a chronic illness. In any case, you need to determine the amount of sildenafil should the doctor. If all defined and approved by your doctor received, take a pill 40-50 minutes before intimacy, washed down with water. Not recommended for co-administration of sildenafil with alcohol. This may not only cause side effects, but will also dangerous to health. Note that if you are on the eve of taking the medicine tightly eaten, it will reduce its effectiveness.

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