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Generic Sildenafil – Mechanism of Action

Erectile dysfunction is a serious male health disorder that is familiar to a considerable part of the world population. Viagra and its generic counterparts are widely available as revolutionary drugs to overcome the signs of the condition. However, to get the guarantee of positive effects, it is inevitable to understand the way Sildenafil works in the body and promotes the required boost in sexual power.

According to the medical information, generic Viagra belongs to a group of PDE 5 inhibitors, which are approved to increase an ability to achieve and maintain an erection for the time, sufficient for a pleasurable and quality erection. However, to experience the positive influences of the drug, previous sexual stimulation is necessary.

How Generic Viagra Works: Key Functions and Processes

The process of erection achievement presupposes a complex biological system that contains primary and secondary messengers and regulates the whole activity. Nitric oxide is the most important chemical in the whole reproductive system. The component is produced in the erectile tissue when stimulated. Further, NO triggers the production of the second messenger, known as guanosine monophosphate, which is another important component of the system. The cGMP works as a vasodilator in the body, relaxing the smooth muscles within the blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum. As a result, the blood circulation to the penile area advances, triggering a harder and longer erection.

To achieve the above-mentioned effect, a man should produce enough nitric oxide, which seems to be a problem for people with erectile dysfunction. However, generic Sildenafil, classified as a phosphodiesterase enzyme, triggers the production of necessary components, stimulating erection occurrence. Sildenafil Citrate not only triggers a potential effect, required for erection occurrence, but it also binds to the active site of the PDE enzyme, aiming at prevention of cGMP hydrolyzing. Consequently, the stimulated cGMP remains active longer, triggering its vasodilatory effect. Besides, it is important to pay due attention to Sildenafil Citrate as a PDE 5 inhibitor. The male organism features a great number of PDE 5 receptors, specifically in the muscle tissues. Inhibiting these receptors, generic Viagra explains peripheral arterial venous dilation and related effects.

Generally, containing Sildenafil as an active ingredient, generic Viagra launches the same powerful processes, providing a man with an exclusive opportunity to achieve and maintain the desired erection. A single Viagra tablet administered 30-60 minutes before a presumable sexual activity can launch over 4-6 hours of steady erection.

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